Another journalist’s messy demise

Jim Ducker, an investigative journalist covering the involvement of government figures and corporate executives in high crimes against the public, was discovered dead this morning in a pool of his own blood, crushed by a cinder block that struck him six times and skewered by two daggers found embedded in his eye sockets. His death […]

Trudeau responds to protesters

Protesters in Canada have demanded an end to restrictive mandates that limit their constitutionally protected freedoms and threaten to physically violate their body sovereignty.   To address their concerns, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to throw the protesters in prison where their constitutionally protected freedoms will be limited and… nothing else bad will happen to […]

Another kind of totalitarianism

Reports have arisen of creeping authoritarian influences usurping large portions of the news media in a bid to condition their readers into accepting brutal totalitarianism. In response, this publication denies any and all such reports, choosing instead to educate its readers about the benefits of good ol’ fashioned brutal totalitarianism.