every word of this is true.

only the sentences are lies.

it’s our first day

well, technically not. but figuratively so! that’s why the place looks like this. we’re getting it all up and running as fast as we can so please excuse our unkemptness. we’re good people, we promise we are!

it’s not our first rodeo

as good as we are, we’re not altogether green. like, with experience. we’re green in other ways, we assure you of that. 24/7 facial paint!

we enjoy humor

that’s why you’ll find it written in odd places here and there. humor writing is not like other writing. other writing is sundry. humor writing is specific and less voluminous, though it occasionally comes sundried.

we don’t enjoy bile

while itself a humor, bile is revolting. it’s already stormed the Bastille.

humor writing is writing, too

this should be self-explanatory but sometimes people forget. so, if you’re logging the hours you spend reading, all these words count. we can give you a note if you need, for school or your parents or an insurance claim.

but writing isn’t always humor writing

case in point: this sentence. what’s humorous, or “funny,” about that? if you said nothing, did anyone hear you? do you normally answer written text by speaking aloud? it’s cool if you do. just taking a poll.

so where does that leave us?

in quite the quandary. inside of a prickly predicament. contained within a confounding conundrum. stuck in a sticky situation. ya know?

but do not fret!

soon to come shall be more of what we’ve got so little of. neither puzzles, games nor wordy amusements grow on trees. hopefully we’ll find time to start capitalizing initials. till then, here’s our blog. thanks for stopping by.


what’s a word between…

guess the word we mean using words the word is between.  you know, in the alphabet.

no regular plurals, no conjugation, no proper names.

happy guessing!


1 / 3

Category: noun

‘seven’ and ‘six’ that’s a slang term with a pointed meaning?

2 / 3

Category: verb

‘five’ and ‘four’ that’s a handy Dutch term first used in 1587?

3 / 3

Category: adjective

‘three’ and ‘two’ whose meaning went from hot to passionate?