it’s our first day

that’s why the place looks like this. we’re getting it all up and running as fast as we can so please excuse our unkemptness. soon to come shall be what’s promised up top. hopefully we’ll find the time to start capitalizing initials. till then, here’s our blog. thanks for stopping by.


what’s a word between…

guess the word we mean using words the word is between.  you know, in the alphabet.

no regular plurals, no conjugation, no proper names.

happy guessing!


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Category: adjective

‘three’ and ‘two’ whose meaning went from hot to passionate?

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Category: verb

‘five’ and ‘four’ that’s a handy Dutch term first used in 1587?

3 / 3

Category: noun

‘seven’ and ‘six’ that’s a slang term with a pointed meaning?