Author: S. Bolson

REVEALED: Paul Pelosi’s attacker’s to-do list

Federal investigators recovered a handwritten “to-do list” rolled up in the style of a marijuana cigarette earlier this week at the residence of Paul Pelosi’s alleged attacker, David DePape.  Although the handwriting in the document has been described as faint and “barely legible,” specialists have recreated the list below. [From the residence of David DePape] […]

The importance of representation

I was shopping for diapers for my baby but couldn’t find any for my baby — all the diaper packages had pictures of babies who did not look like my baby.  So where are the diapers for my baby?   Something similar happened when I went to buy toothpaste at the pharmacy just down the […]

5 reasons why our post-apocalyptic overlords will need us to run the machines that control the robots that make our devices

Don’t worry about the future.  The present is troubling enough!  But, there’s reason to rejoice, relax, and reframe our perceptions so that we can more easily embrace our roles within the post-apocalyptic economy directed by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous humanoid robots empowered with the lethal authority of the state.   No matter how […]

Dr. Fauci adamant in belief that he still has credibility

Anthony Fauci, the embodiment of Science who assured everyone that they wouldn’t contract or spread Covid if they received an experimental gene therapy injection, wants to assure everyone of his sincere belief that he’s not completely full of it. Speaking to a handpicked selection of regime-approved news spreaders, the good doctor doubled down on his […]

Biden admin changes definition of ‘senile dementia’ before President’s psych evaluation

WASHINGTON—In a move that’s been baselessly criticized as an act of saving face, the White House has updated the definition of “senile dementia” in advance of President Biden’s cognitive examination.  The decision was announced as part of a package of new definitions for terms like “recession,” “unemployment,” and “fit to hold office.”  Chief of Staff […]