Author: S. Bolson

REVEALED: Paul Pelosi’s attacker’s to-do list

Federal investigators recovered a handwritten “to-do list” rolled up in the style of a marijuana cigarette earlier this week at the residence of Paul Pelosi’s alleged attacker, David DePape.  Although the handwriting in the document has been described as faint and “barely legible,” specialists have recreated the list below. [From the residence of David DePape] […]

Biden admin changes definition of ‘senile dementia’ before President’s psych evaluation

WASHINGTON—In a move that’s been baselessly criticized as an act of saving face, the White House has updated the definition of “senile dementia” in advance of President Biden’s cognitive examination.  The decision was announced as part of a package of new definitions for terms like “recession,” “unemployment,” and “fit to hold office.”  Chief of Staff […]

Japanese football league slammed for lack of diversity

As vile hatred and discrimination run rampant the world over, no individual or institution is exempt from scrutiny and liability for unconscionable acts of discrimination.  There is just far too much racial hostility lurking behind every corner and tearing apart the fabric of our society to not be equally vigilant and vigorous in defense of […]

Factcheck: global seed vault totally not for regenesis after doomsday event

Amidst all the chatter about global famine induced by widespread supply chain disruptions, worldwide shortages of fertilizer, and an unfortunate series of coincidental catastrophes that have incapacitated dozens of large food processing facilities across the U.S., some wackos have suggested that the purpose of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault hinges on the occurrence of a […]

Digital device eliminates dependence on electronic devices

Think of it: a device to end your reliance on electronic devices.   Can you imagine anything better?  Doubt it.   Coastlines.  Fresh air.  A mother’s love for her only child.  These things have nothing on this. Are you ready?  You may not be, because this is really big.  Just sayin’.  Prepare yourself.  Because here’s…  […]