Author: S. Bolson

My enlightening conversation with Science

In this age of disinfo, it’s important to go to the source.  One should never settle for a second or thirdhand account when the straight dope can be gotten from a firsthand wiz.   With that in mind, when I got the rare chance to rub elbows with Science itself, you better believe I took […]

Americans stranded in Afghanistan appreciate freedom from COVID mandates

Several of the hundreds of American citizens who were left to fend for themselves in Afghanistan after the U.S. military’s disastrous withdrawal have expressed approval of their adopted country’s relatively loose COVID restrictions. Speaking to Order World News, Aazar Muzanni and Hesther Abdul confessed to having a favorable view of how Afghanistan’s ruling political class, […]

BREAKING: President breaks silence on favored ice cream

WASHINGTON—Predawn reports from the White House have confirmed suspicions regarding the President’s position on several hot-button issues, with one distinct item gaining international attention: the President picked Haagen-Dazs’s “Rocky Road” ice cream from a bipartisan selection of after-dinner treats. “This is a huge step toward finding a path forward, and forging it all by himself, […]

Hospitals overrun with vaccinated patients, urge vaccination

Amid the recent surge in covid hospitalizations taking place in the world’s most vaccinated areas, administrators have pinpointed the likely cause of this surprising escalation in breakthrough cases. “It seems improbable that the vaccinated would be responsible for these numbers, given that the vaccines are effective,” noted Fritz Boehnerhaus, Director of Patient Relations at Grunberg […]

Gangs of organized shoplifters cause alarm by ignoring COVID guidelines

Residents of California have expressed serious concerns regarding the out-of-control looters who are not following public health codes designed to fight COVID while raiding local department stores. Scores of coordinated pilferers are running amok in urban centers throughout the Golden State, terrorizing innocent passersby with their flagrant disregard for CDC-issued guidelines.  The robberies have become […]

Factcheck: Debunkers are 100% biased, untrustworthy

The claim that factcheckers and factchecking organizations lack credibility due to, among other things, conflicts of interest and the practice of employing underqualified factcheckers to check facts is FALSE.  Factcheckers checked.  It’s the debunkers who are biased and untrustworthy, not the factcheckers. Factcheckers check facts.  That’s what they do, and that’s all they do.  Therefore, factcheckers […]

Mayor extends mandate in bold new tweet

“We know dropping anvils kills flies — our experiments have proven that.  Now let’s go even further. “I’m urging @GovHowl to extend anvil deployment wherever flies are found.  Let’s do what we can to keep our city, our residents, and our workforce safe by dropping anvils wherever flies are found.” -Mayor Smith

President commemorates World Toilet Day

In observance of World Toilet Day, the President’s handlers undid his harness and allowed him to utter a few words and other vocalizations to his adoring public. The President said, “I remember that toilet.  So great, the way she handles herself in the midst of it all.  She would’ve made a better VP pick than […]