Author: S. Bolson

Trudeau responds to protesters

Protesters in Canada have demanded an end to restrictive mandates that limit their constitutionally protected freedoms and threaten to physically violate their body sovereignty.   To address their concerns, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to throw the protesters in prison where their constitutionally protected freedoms will be limited and… nothing else bad will happen to […]

Another kind of totalitarianism

Reports have arisen of creeping authoritarian influences usurping large portions of the news media in a bid to condition their readers into accepting brutal totalitarianism. In response, this publication denies any and all such reports, choosing instead to educate its readers about the benefits of good ol’ fashioned brutal totalitarianism.

Louis Pasteur’s journal

A rare moment indeed, when one locates such a prized and sought after repository of firsthand discovery.  Louis Pasteur’s journal recounts his trials in developing the famous Pasteurization process, a name he took immense pride in designating.  Behold the immortalized words of a pioneering researcher, so far ahead of his time that his time finally […]

My enlightening conversation with Science

In this age of disinfo, it’s important to go to the source.  One should never settle for a second or thirdhand account when the straight dope can be gotten from a firsthand wiz.   With that in mind, when I got the rare chance to rub elbows with Science itself, you better believe I took […]

Americans stranded in Afghanistan appreciate freedom from COVID mandates

Several of the hundreds of American citizens who were left to fend for themselves in Afghanistan after the U.S. military’s disastrous withdrawal have expressed approval of their adopted country’s relatively loose COVID restrictions. Speaking to Order World News, Aazar Muzanni and Hesther Abdul confessed to having a favorable view of how Afghanistan’s ruling political class, […]

BREAKING: President breaks silence on favored ice cream

WASHINGTON—Predawn reports from the White House have confirmed suspicions regarding the President’s position on several hot-button issues, with one distinct item gaining international attention: the President picked Haagen-Dazs’s “Rocky Road” ice cream from a bipartisan selection of after-dinner treats. “This is a huge step toward finding a path forward, and forging it all by himself, […]