Factcheck: global human enslavement a good thing, not a bad thing

Retinal scanning technology compromises your privacy but allows you to at least keep your eyes.

Okay, this is one of those really H.O.T. topics.  And that’s H-O-T as in “hot,” not the K-pop wunderkinds who are factually H.O.T.  

Check this fact: 

There’s been a lot of talk about powerful people, across the world, covertly working with each other to achieve self-serving ends at the expense of the public.  Talk that’s harmful.  Divisive.  Talk that suggests there are people with such contempt for humankind that they would sell out the whole species for the sake of grabbing yet another trifle of power.  

Well, nothing could be further from the facts.

Fact: There is no globally-scaled effort to subjugate the world population under a digitally-enhanced system of human control governed by a single state entity that serves the interests of wealthy, elitist, psychopathic criminals.  That just sounds crazy.

Fact: Powerful people don’t work together, for one thing.  All they want is money, and so they compete with each other for it.  Numerous documented instances of powerful people not getting along together are well known to have been publicized.  It has been suggested that some cooperation occurs between the wealthy and powerful at certain key times, like when they play golf, but these claims are highly controversial and disputed (read: debunked).

Check: For another thing, there’s no proof.  You can’t show me the signed, certified paper that these plotters must’ve concocted to wage their war on humanity.  Agreements such as the one being suggested require careful planning and coordination (in theory, since no such agreements factually exist), and so something would have to be recorded.  Until any such records are produced, this “fact” has been CHECKED.

You see, someone would’ve talked by now, if there were such a plot.  How could that many people keep a secret?  For these reasons and more, no so-called “fact” in the factual history of factchecking has ever been checked quite as hard as this one’s just been checked.  Fact.

In conclusion, if a conspiracy like that ever were proven to be happening, actually that’d be a good thing because wealthy elitists know best.  So, either way, you shouldn’t worry about it.