Author: S. Bolson

Japanese football league slammed for lack of diversity

As vile hatred and discrimination run rampant the world over, no individual or institution is exempt from scrutiny and liability for unconscionable acts of discrimination.  There is just far too much racial hostility lurking behind every corner and tearing apart the fabric of our society to not be equally vigilant and vigorous in defense of […]

Factcheck: global seed vault totally not for regenesis after doomsday event

Amidst all the chatter about global famine induced by widespread supply chain disruptions, worldwide shortages of fertilizer, and an unfortunate series of coincidental catastrophes that have incapacitated dozens of large food processing facilities across the U.S., some wackos have suggested that the purpose of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault hinges on the occurrence of a […]

Digital device eliminates dependence on electronic devices

Think of it: a device to end your reliance on electronic devices.   Can you imagine anything better?  Doubt it.   Coastlines.  Fresh air.  A mother’s love for her only child.  These things have nothing on this. Are you ready?  You may not be, because this is really big.  Just sayin’.  Prepare yourself.  Because here’s…  […]

Respect.  Click here.

Respect.  Because you’re a winner. Win.  Because you need to respect. Lose.  Because you can’t win them all without cheating. Cheat.  Because you want to be a winner, don’t you? Claim.  Because dependents can lower your tax obligation. Observe.  Because then you can make observations. Listen.  Because hearing doesn’t cut it.  (Deaf?  Sorry.) Breathe.  Because […]

5 traits of successful billionaire sociopaths

Remorseless execution of revenue goals is never easy, especially when you’ve got a conscience to suppress.  Homo sapiens of all intelligence quotients and social statuses require some level of respite and emotional release, engendering the necessary evils of paid time off and parental leave.  Despite these inherent flaws and additional weaknesses of character, humans have […]

Who needs trees when you have technology?

Striking a blow against climate change, the Department of Energy will spend $3.5 billion on direct air capture, a thermochemical process that—as if by suction—pulls carbon dioxide out of the air.   When asked where the idea came from, Secretary Granholm explained: “The initiative came in response to an overwhelming number of inquiries about whether […]