Digital device eliminates dependence on electronic devices

The solution to device burnout is a digital device that frees you from electronic solutions.

Think of it: a device to end your reliance on electronic devices.  

Can you imagine anything better?  Doubt it.  

Coastlines.  Fresh air.  A mother’s love for her only child.  These things have nothing on this.

Are you ready?  You may not be, because this is really big.  Just sayin’.  Prepare yourself.  Because here’s…   


The solution to device burnout.  All in one simple device.  

You’re walking along.  Dit dit dee, di-dit, di-dit dee…  You hear someone’s smart phone going off because they got a call, or a text, some notification.  Something small.  A comment on their post about someone’s updated profile.  

They get distracted.  They stop what they’re doing and get sucked into a flickering screen of liquid crystal diversions.  

But not you.  You stay sharp and alert, focused on the magic of each new moment that comes as the seasons pass, day after day.  

That’s because you have DeviceAway.

With DeviceAway, you shed those unwieldy electronic flip books and briefcases that populate your pockets, purses, and other fashionable textiles completing your ensemble, liberating you from the burdens of clunky machinery.  

Think of it: Total disconnection from the ties that bind our minds to the distant goings-on of cold, negatively charged electrons.  All in one solution that fits in the palm of your hand.  Whichever hand you choose.

The end of digital tyranny.  The beginning of digital freedom.  In digital form.  

So, you pull out your DeviceAway and let the cool breeze energize your quickening step as you coast blissfully through your surroundings, comforted by the security and convenience of a digital device that takes your mind off those electronic doohickeys that take your mind off the important things.  Things like a mother’s love for her only child which, as mentioned, isn’t nearly as good as DeviceAway.  

DeviceAway.  Because you deserve better than a mother’s love.