5 traits of successful billionaire sociopaths

Sociopathic billionaires must adhere to a strict code of non-ethics.

Remorseless execution of revenue goals is never easy, especially when you’ve got a conscience to suppress.  Homo sapiens of all intelligence quotients and social statuses require some level of respite and emotional release, engendering the necessary evils of paid time off and parental leave.  Despite these inherent flaws and additional weaknesses of character, humans have redeeming qualities.  Servility, for one.

But what defines the advanced personage, the one who wields lessers through the force of will, with the guidance of wit?  Wily Psycho Monthly teamed up with Oligarch’s Digest to curate this shortlist of must-haves for readers seeking to shed any last vestige of a moral sense that may be keeping them from attaining stone-cold excellence.  Here are…

The Top 5 Traits of Successful Billionaire Sociopaths

  1. Lack of Empathy: This is Sociopathy 101.  You won’t get anywhere feeling what others feel.  They’re not you, are they?  Don’t waste your time; fill it with your tireless efforts to make the world a better place for yourself.
  2. Severe Thriftiness: Sociopaths often forget this one.  That’s understandable, since getting what you want all the time — because that’s what you deserve — costs money.  Lots of it.  Take care to spend only what you need to spend so that you can better take from others.
  3. Sense of Style: Dress to impress.  Because, by impressing people, you’ll gain their confidence.  You could also try dressing to gain sympathy, which is another route to a person’s wallet, trust fund, or bed, or whatever you’re trying to get from them.
  4. Winning Smile: Another must-have that often gets overlooked, a disarming grin or even a smirk that inspires a sense of familiarity, curiosity, or sexual attraction is a useful tool for getting the best of people, who are typically suckers for things that remind them of goodness.
  5. Can-Do Attitude: People gravitate toward people who make them feel as though they can accomplish things that they never will.  By filling a void in their bleak, insignificant lives, you’ll have people of all statuses and affiliations eating out of your hand while you fleece them with your other one.

Without these core qualities, you’ll have a challenging time providing the graft necessary to amass influence among corruptible policymakers and magistrates, not to mention judicial officials.  Good luck trying to blackmail a judge or senator who hasn’t been filmed or video-recorded in the act of at least one or two highly sordid deeds!  

By following a well-ordered playbook, you can adopt the attitude you need to get ahead of the pack, leave the pack in the dust, and then spray that dust with napalm and light the whole mess on fire.