Japanese football league slammed for lack of diversity

Soccer balls have been criticized for representing only two of the many colors balls can be.

As vile hatred and discrimination run rampant the world over, no individual or institution is exempt from scrutiny and liability for unconscionable acts of discrimination.  There is just far too much racial hostility lurking behind every corner and tearing apart the fabric of our society to not be equally vigilant and vigorous in defense of equity and human decency.  The very existence of our irretrievably patriarchal and white supremacist civilization hangs in the balance.

Associated With a Brutal Massacre

The latest group to be targeted for their intolerance and exclusivity is none other than the Japanese association football league system, the bigots.  This racist institution can trace its roots back more than a century to the year 1921, when the Greater Japan Football Association was founded.  That same year, the Tulsa race massacre took place from May 31 to June 1.  The connection between these historic events has remained obscured for more than a hundred years.  But no longer.

Perpetuating Racial Hatred and Strife

There is not one black person on any of their teams.  That should tell us everything we need to know.  But no!  It doesn’t tell us everything we need to know.  We also need to know why; we need to hear their reasoning for such evil.  

How do they justify this ongoing injustice?  How can it be that a professional sports team — a football team at that — doesn’t employ a single Brazilian?  Or just one Inuit player?  In fact, none of the football leagues in the whole world have Inuit players, but that’s the topic of another important post, which shall be titled “Football: The Sport for Those Who Hate the Glorious Inuit People.”

An Ominous Precursor of What’s to Come

Look: the many genocides that have taken place throughout history have always begun the same way — by excluding others who are different.  We cannot stand idly by while a professional sports league inches ever closer to all-out genocide.  Take action now by demanding that the Greater Japan Football Association bring their racial representation percentages in line with what is decent.  Once they have, we can focus on the other elephant in the room: the dearth of Pakistanis in the NBA.