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The importance of representation

I was shopping for diapers for my baby but couldn’t find any for my baby — all the diaper packages had pictures of babies who did not look like my baby.  So where are the diapers for my baby?   Something similar happened when I went to buy toothpaste at the pharmacy just down the […]

Japanese football league slammed for lack of diversity

As vile hatred and discrimination run rampant the world over, no individual or institution is exempt from scrutiny and liability for unconscionable acts of discrimination.  There is just far too much racial hostility lurking behind every corner and tearing apart the fabric of our society to not be equally vigilant and vigorous in defense of […]

Maskless man terrorizes partygoers

Attendees of the 47th Annual Uptown Charity Ball were assaulted by the exhalations of an unidentified man whose features were in no way obscured by a facial covering.   The man, who wore no mask on his face whatsoever, claimed to have been invited to attend the prestigious gala that attracted over 250 people.  While […]