Unvaccinated should get vaccinated to protect the already vaccinated

We’re all in this together.  We’ll tell you what “this” is very soon.

All right, I know the title doesn’t seem to make any sense, but, just hear me out here.  

The vaccines are safe and effective, so you should get vaccinated, if you haven’t already.  If you don’t get vaccinated, you’re putting yourself and everyone around you at risk, whether they’re vaccinated or not.  

Pay close attention: I got vaccinated, because I want to protect myself and those around me, right?  That’s what the vaccines are for.  To protect us.  So, if you get the vaccine, you’re protected.  Unless other people don’t get vaccinated — understand?

Look, I know it might be difficult to comprehend completely (there’s SO much science out there).  They made the vaccines and are offering them for free, even giving you money and free goods if you get them in certain situations, so that you’d be safe from viruses.  

It was incredible.  An entire industry — and pharmaceuticals, of all industries! — mobilized for the health and well-being of everyone on the planet.  It was probably the first time in history that’s ever happened.  

I think it’s a slap in the faces of Pfizer, Moderna and the rest of those dedicated, altruistic conglomerates to refuse their thoughtful gifts to us.  Think about it.  It’s just selfishness that’s motivating a lot of these anti-vaxx types.  I actually feel guilty about all those times I went outside without a mask on.  

And I don’t mean during covid.  I mean throughout my whole life.  I could’ve been making someone sick without even knowing it.  Maybe someone you know!  Or knew — maybe they died!  All because of my past selfishness!

Well, no more.  I got the vaccine and it’s safe and effective, so I’m protected, and if you don’t get the vaccine then you’re not protected, so you’ll probably die of covid pretty soon.  Unless you get the shot — which you should!  Not just because it’s good for you, but also ‘cause it will protect me too.  

Do you get it now?