Minimum security prisons are the best security prisons

A lot of minimum security prisons don’t even have fences, but if they do, a lot of the time they not the ones that give you cuts and puncture wounds.

What I said?  It’s true.  Prison the real anthill.  That trash on TV and movies never show it the way the life really is.  I chose solitary instead of B Wing at Lovelock to get away from some wiry Crip’s shiv.  Had to choke my cellmate to get there.  You got to go out your way for a chance at that alone time.  And you alone, alright.  It’s cold.  Dark.  You can’t stand or lay flat.  Guards throw icy water on you when you sleep, for fun.  So it’s wet too.  They bet which of us goes longest with no food before we scream for it.  Lovelock’s maximum security and I promise you like I promised myself I am done with those.

For me, it’s minimum security now all the way.  There’s a yard they let you out in, commissary’s much better and the shivving business is kept much to a bare minimum, much like the security level it’s just a much better experience overall.  You be with others in a cell but there’s no need for solitary when they alright and not going to cause trouble when that’s going to get them sent to some medium security facility or higher and they don’t want that.  You can get on a work program and get even more outside time in the day, no fences around the perimeter so it almost feels like you just going to and from your job every day on the work program.  There’s more guards but they ok if and when compared to some of the ones from Lovelock, those worms.  These ones don’t laugh at you when you sick or crying.

So, all in all, minimum security prisons are the best security prisons whether you live there or not.  Visitors feel much less threatened and spit on at the minimum security prisons as compared to medium and maximum security prisons but as for the federal prisons I do not have firsthand knowledge of those facilities I have stayed out of those or to put it mildly I have not had the pleasure, myself.  Haha.  In conclusion, do NOT do B Wing at Lovelock, I would opt for the solitary myself.  Or steer clear of prisons altogether.