SPONSORED POST — Your Nuclear Fallout Shelter Should Convey Who You Are

Fallout shelters offer an ideal environment for imagining things you’ll never see again. (See above.)

Underground and shaking with terror?  That’s no excuse for a dreary bunker!

The tangible threat of global thermonuclear war is no reason to settle for a fallout shelter that doesn’t express your personal style.  From floor to 7-foot ceiling, your shelter must shield its occupants from deadly radiation while reflecting your own unique vision of you. 

For $39,999.99, you can walk away with:

  • a modest home
  • an interior designer’s dream
  • a means of survival 
  • a chance to show yourself to the world (whatever remains of it at that time)

Don’t let yourself and your desperate friends and catastrophe-induced acquaintances down during harsh nuclear winters and sporadic chemical/biological warfare!  Invest in an extension of yourself that can house your body and those of 3-4 other adults, 2 bunkbeds and a hat rack (as long as one of the adults weighs less than 95 lbs. and the 2 bunkbeds are one bunkbed).

Remember: only you can be you.  But your dwelling should amplify that. 

Just because, outside, the flaming massacre continues, reducing former life to ash and the oceans, lands and skies to an arid wasteland of grayish death, doesn’t mean that, inside, you can’t let yourself shine on as brightly as you can shine in your own beautiful, reflective world.

So, what are you waiting for?  Nuclear war?  It’ll be too late by then!  

Get your style in gear with a nuclear fallout shelter that tells your ‘me’ story.

You can light the world on fire while the planet is incinerated by nuclear fission!  Make the most of a major downer by breathing fresh life into your steel-reinforced center of everything.  

Don’t let this opportunity disintegrate like the face of the earth!  Slip into your very own self-affirming below-ground mechanism for avoiding exposure to radioactive fallout and putting yourself out there.

Blast-resistant models available.  Inquire about pricing and potential for personal style expression.