Here are 12 good reasons to keep wearing a mask

Oh, sure — we’ve got a vaccine now.  We’ve lifted those restrictions that have kept us distant from each other for far too long.  We’re even throwing caution to the wind by allowing businesses to do business as they had been before this whole thing began (and in the cases of Walmart and Amazon, even […]

Incumbent double dares voters to vote for opponent

Eschewing the normative methods of attracting voters (e.g. rallies, photo ops, talk show appearances), U.S. Rep. Byron Lamont Jackson (R-MS) has issued a puzzling statement to his constituents. “I dare y’all to vote for the other guy.  Go ahead.  I double dare ya!  See what that does,” proclaimed Jackson, clutching an unidentified electronic device with […]

Dictionary releases second- and third-letter editions to eliminate first-letter bias

In an effort to alleviate the unfair and hurtful bias toward the first letters of words, Brentman-Hickok has proudly published second-letter and third-letter editions of its Fourth New International Dictionary. Aiming to be more inclusive and less discriminatory, the century-old lexicographic institution has at last put out their answer to the repeated claims of prejudice […]

Only Gutenbergs should play Gutenbergs

Should non-Gutenberg actors be given the opportunity to play Gutenbergs if there are Gutenberg actors willing and able to play those parts?  It’s an argument in the making, and one with serious implications for the future of casting in an industry fraught with controversy over who should play whom. That controversy recently spiked with the […]

Related murder victims?

Police in Maryland are investigating a possible link between a severed human foot discovered on a secluded road in Brandywine and a headless torso found on a dead-end street in Baltimore.  After two months of detective work, officers working the case have concluded that the victims may have been murdered.

Zombie food review: carnage at trailer park outside town

ParkStop RV Camp still has tender vittles if you don’t mind a little scrounging. by (formerly) Jim Acsadi Okay, we’ve all had this happen: you’re hangry, stressed and alone, with no time to track down a live meal.  Your feet are sore (if still attached) because you’ve been trudging for days through corpse-lined streets but […]

Easier done than said

Nothing is easier done than said. Saying it takes two syllables. Doing it takes nothing.  Not a thing. No thing.   That is what “nothing” means: no thing. But saying “no thing” was too much, so they shortened it.