Red means ‘go’

On a traffic light, green is always on the bottom.  Even when it was just her and red.   And she was okay with it then, as long as red was happy, because she’s a nice color. Then yellow came along.  Like a wedge. Of all colors to come between her and red it had […]

Radio ad overlooks golden age of floors

You cannot trust advertisements. One of them said, “As long as there have been floors, there have been accidents, spills and the need to clean them up.” How was that confirmed?  There was no citation, no reference. Have they not read Samuel Johnson’s Complete Historical Account of Floors?  Even the abridged version? Johnson makes the […]

Attempted suicide note

Among the effects of billionaire investor Guy von Blitzen to be recovered from the wreck of his Sunseeker 131 was a handwritten suicide note.   Within hours of the collision with a rock in the Adriatic Sea which reduced his superyacht to flotsam, this note was made public by an exuberant tabloid press before Mr. […]