Top 10 discarded comic book superheroes

Comic book heroes have to deal with a lot more publicity than do regular heroes.

We’ve heard the names before, though we wish that we hadn’t, and that we were younger.  

Riceman.  Ploughboy.  Underwater Cat.  Do these sound like winners to you?

Comic book publishers have scrapped countless concepts for superheroes and villains, some more deserving of the shabby treatment than others (take The Incredible Sulk, please).

So, how lucky do YOU feel knowing that our diggers have dredged the full depths of the almost bottomless pit that hosts these lost, destitute fragments of humanity’s bemusing imagination?

Wow, that lucky, huh?  Good.  Because now, if you’re not too bored already to press on, we present to you the…

Top 10 Discarded Comic Book Superheroes

  1. The Public Defender
  2. Mr. Fleas
  3. Captain Yugoslavia
  4. The Human Torchbearer
  5. Professor Ampersand
  6. Dr. Colostomy
  7. The Stache
  8. Lamp Shade
  9. Lil Miss Mutilation
  10. Plunder Woman