Factcheck: U.S.A. is not “going to hell in a handbasket”

While they do come in large sizes, handbaskets lack the capacity necessary to contain the United States of America.

Alarmists have been spouting this nonsense for years: “America is going to hell!  In a handbasket!”  Besides the obvious factual error in that statement (Factcheck has confirmed that there is no hell, only hot rocks underground), the implied message is also incorrect.  In actuality, America cannot and does not “go” anywhere, given its status as a political philosophy or idea, neither of which support physical mobility (fact!).

The existence of hell was disproven on May 8, 1997, when the Icelandic Geological Survey Team led by Bjorn Novakjen discovered only rocks when they drilled more than five miles into the Earth’s crust.  If hell were to be found, Novakjen’s survey team would have located it there.  They didn’t, so, it weren’t.  Factcheck was sure to check that fact.

And even if there were a hell (there isn’t — Factcheck checked), could the United States of America go there, or anywhere at all, even if it wanted to?  Not according to Dr. Miles Frueschauen of the German Physical Society, who stated, “abstract concepts like love, glory and freedom move people, but they lack the ability to propel themselves.”  

So, factually, America cannot travel at all, unless the definition of America is expanded to include the people of the United States.  And, in that case, while America may have the power of locomotion, it is not going to hell, since the people are not going to hell (that fact was checked).  Also, there is no hell, which Factcheck doublechecked and confirmed previously in this factcheck.

Having checked all the facts, Factcheck deemed the clearly fallacious “handbasket” detail within this factually incorrect statement to be unworthy of factchecking (checking facts is tiring, which is a fact (checked by Factcheck)).

Factcheck urges its readers to always check their facts in order to keep factual errors in check.  Fact.